Protecting Your Commercial Building

Turn to us for commercial roofing services in New Mexico & El Paso, TX

Putting a new roof on an apartment building or office can be a tall order, but our experts can handle it. HP Roofing Services in New Mexico & El Paso, TX is licensed for commercial roofing services in Texas and New Mexico. Our experts also provide new construction roofing services and work with local builders to complete commercial construction projects.

Are you building a new commercial space? Contact us now for new construction roofing services.

The benefits of choosing our team

Why should you choose us for commercial roofing services? Besides assisting customers with insurance claims, we:


  • Work with trusted builders in the area
  • Handle various repair and replacement work
  • Install Spanish tile, shingle, metal and flat roofs


Our commercial roofing services include repairs for hail damage, blown-off shingles and more. After completing your roofing work, we can also reseal your roof to ensure it lasts or spread an elastomeric coating to protect it. Schedule your roofing services today. We’ll get you started with a free estimate.

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